Ultimate Guide to Selling Your House in Dubai

Ultimate Guide to Selling Your House in Dubai

Dubai is not just a city; it's a symbol of modernity and luxury. Navigating the intricate web of the real estate market in this glamorous city can be daunting. This guide aims to provide homeowners with comprehensive steps and insights into selling their homes with ease and proficiency.

Choosing the right real estate agent

In the world of real estate, expertise isn’t just an advantage — it’s a necessity, especially in a competitive market as dynamic as that of Dubai. When selling a home in Dubai, it's vital to work with a trusted local agent from Dubai Sotheby’s International Realty who fully understands the city's property landscape. Such a professional will provide invaluable advice and be your advocate, guiding you with a reassuring hand, offering a network of contacts, and connecting your listing with potential buyers. Dubai Sotheby’s International Realty allows for top-tier service and expertise.

RERA approval

When finding a real estate agent to handle your property transactions in Dubai, it is imperative to work with an agent who is registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) — a government body that ensures that real estate professionals adhere to ethical standards outlined by the Dubai Land Department (DLD). To confirm an agent's RERA approval, request to see their RERA card. This credential serves as a tangible indication of the agent's commitment to professionalism and transparency in their dealings.

Assess whether the agent possesses a deep understanding of the specific area relevant to your property. Additionally, establishing a professional rapport with your chosen agent is crucial. A successful partnership depends on effective communication, honesty, and the agent's ability to provide insights into the property market. By ensuring that your selected real estate agent meets these criteria, you can confidently navigate the process, benefiting from their guidance on pricing, marketing strategy, and overall assistance in selling property in Dubai.

You and your agent will sign FORM A, which outlines the agent’s commission structure, service charges, property details, and mortgage status. FORM A also outlines how the property will be marketed. This form is then submitted to the DLD’s Trakheesi system to be approved, after which you’ll be given a permit number to advertise your property.

Preparing and advertising your home

Before listing your home, it can be advantageous to perform certain updates or home improvement projects to maximize its appeal on the market. Instead of opting for a complete overhaul of the entire property, focus on key areas that amplify your home's essence and enhance its value. After all, you want to focus on home improvements that will resonate with your potential buyers. It’s also essential to prioritize making any critical repairs, including cracks in the wall or maintenance issues. Consult with your real estate agent for advice as to which upgrades and repairs will make the most significant difference at the closing table with the greatest ROI.

With exceptional marketing expertise, your agent will list your property on online listing portals and advertise your home in local newspapers, social media, and other sites to generate interest.

Presenting your home through quality visuals

Every picture tells a story, and for your home, it should be nothing short of an epic tale. Property staging is an integral component of a successful sale, as you want the space to be fully clean, free of clutter, well-lit, and appropriately decorated.

First impressions are essential, so when listing your house, high-quality photographs make a world of difference. Ensure that your listing images showcase all your home’s most impressive features and narrate tales of what life could be within those walls. Exceptional imagery is not just a visual treat but an emotional journey, making a profound difference in attracting potential buyers.

Your agent will also facilitate and host property viewings, answering buyers’ questions and helping them focus on everything your home has to offer.

Engaging in negotiations

Negotiations in real estate can often feel like a high-stakes game, and having a skilled agent by your side can be a game-changer. Your agent serves as your advocate, leveraging their expertise to navigate offers, counteroffers, and compromises. They can provide invaluable insights into market conditions, helping you make competitive yet reasonable negotiations with the buyer.

Signing the contract: FORM F (MOU)

FORM F, also called the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), serves as the official sales contract between the buyer and seller. This document encompasses all mutually agreed-upon terms and conditions, including but not limited to the property's price, specific details, selling expenses, the identities of the involved parties, the designated transfer date, and other elements of the agreement. The buyer will also usually issue a 10% security deposit at this point. FORM F is legally binding, so work with your agent to ensure you understand the contract thoroughly before signing.


When selling property in Dubai, obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) is required. The Dubai Land Department mandates the submission of an NOC from the property developer to finalize the property sale. Essentially, the NOC serves as a declaration from the developer confirming that the property seller has fulfilled all financial obligations and does not have any outstanding debts or liabilities.

Obtaining the NOC usually takes approximately five to seven working days. To apply for the NOC, specific documents are required, including the Title Deed or Oqood (for off-plan properties), a valid Emirates ID or passport with a residency visa, and a copy of FORM F. The completion of these steps facilitates a smooth transaction and ensures compliance with the necessary regulatory procedures in Dubai.

Transfer of ownership

The final step in the home-selling process in Dubai involves the transfer of ownership, requiring all involved parties — the seller, the buyer, and the agent(s) — to convene at the nearest DLD trustee's office. Here, the buyer is responsible for settling the remaining amount of the purchase price. The seller must also pay the necessary transfer fees to the DLD. Subsequently, a new Title Deed is issued in the buyer's name, officially completing the transfer of ownership.

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