Hottest Architectural Styles in Dubai Hills

Hottest Architectural Styles in Dubai Hills

Dubai Hills sits at the heart of the luxurious city of Dubai, giving residents unparalleled access to the best amenities and combining them with one-of-a-kind abodes. This neighborhood is home to ultra-luxury high-rises, spacious townhomes, and posh villas. This upscale residential development encompasses over 27,000 acres and contains 30 distinct communities. Reflecting the avid golf scene around the area, Dubai Hills contains a sprawling 18-hole championship golf course that is among the best in Dubai. The neighborhood contains immaculately kept greens, stunning views of Dubai’s unique skyline, and over a million square meters of park space. The community has two metro lines, three hotels, and a gigantic shopping mall with over 650 shops.

Walking through the streets of Dubai Hills tends to feel like an out-of-this-world experience with a range of ultra-luxurious amenities, immaculately kept parks, and lavish homes. The individual home owners used architects to design their homes in Dubai Hills went above and beyond with each villa and townhome that are located within the neighborhood. In addition to its world-class amenities, Dubai is known for its lavish real estate and gorgeous architecture. The city has been able to masterfully combine architectural styles from its rich history with timeless, modern styles. Dubai Hills architecture takes this beautifully blended approach to create a community that feels like an elevated extension of the surrounding city.

Creating Dubai Hills was no small feat, and it took a dedicated team of builders, designers, and architects to erect the lavish neighborhood residents know today. Containing some of the area’s most sought-after homes, Dubai Hills transports residents with a stunning range of modern architecture to a lavish retreat that is both a reflection of the surrounding area and completely separate from it.


When looking for an upscale home, most people think of ornate designs and lavish interiors. However, many of the most expensive homes across Dubai have a minimalistic style. While that seems contrary to many, the minimalist design creates a simple backdrop that looks uniquely stunning, leading those looking for luxury real estate to gravitate toward modern-looking minimalistic housing.

As the name suggests, minimalism is all about simplicity. The style does away with intricate designs and embellishments, favoring large expanses, plain materials, and geometric forms. Many of Dubai Hills luxury villas were designed with minimalism in mind and showcased the repetition, stark lines, and plain facades popularized by the style. Visual intrigue is added to the homes with blocky geometric shapes, large windows, and contracting colors. The spaces are defined by essentials, giving these homes functionality over frills.


The modern Bauhaus style originated in German in the early 20th century. Since then, it has become a worldwide phenomenon. Bauhaus turns conventional ideas of luxury upside down by combining elements of minimalism and an emphasis on functionality to create an elegant yet simple architectural design. Bauhaus homes contain little ornamentation, allowing the essence of the space to shine through.

Stark lines, abstract shapes, and balanced design elements create the hallmarks of Bauhaus architecture. The square and the triangle are used to comprise a home that is angular and visually appealing.  Exterior colors are often white or cream, with large, dark-tinted windows to create contrast. Even though the Bauhaus design values simplicity, the guiding principles are most often seen in luxury homes across the globe.

Desert modern

Many modern styles attempt to honor the location of a home. Dubai sits on an arid stretch of the Arabian Desert, giving rise to many desert modern homes in Dubai Hills. These homes are defined by the harsh and challenging climates they reside in. These townhomes and villas display the same sleek, angular design found in many subsets of modern homes. However, they also pay homage to the desert.

Desert modern homes are visually stunning with a design that also considers the realities of living in a hot, harsh environment. Ample shade, overhung roofs, and clerestory windows block out the sun and allow residents to stay cool indoors and out. Decorative screens provide privacy while also limiting the home’s sun exposure.


Dubai Hills, located in the Arabic Desert, is in an arid, desolate climate. Not much foliage can be seen throughout Dubai. However, that has not stopped talented architects from bringing elements of the biophilic style to Dubai Hills. Biophilic architecture attempts to bring elements of nature into the home, creating a more productive and healthy environment for residents.

Natural lighting, ample ventilation, and the incorporation of foliage create a living space that merges seamlessly with the natural environment. Lush outdoor gardens, plant-covered patios, and large windows bring the biophilic style into Dubai Hills. This architectural style is best known for the peaceful elegance it brings to a property.

International style

Branching off of the larger modernist style is the simplistic and elegant international style architectural design. International style is best known for its rectangular shapes, often seen in high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. Recently, international-style architecture has been brought closer to the ground, where it can be seen in Dubai Hills villas and townhomes. The style became popularized in the early 20th century by the needs of a rapidly industrializing world. Builders needed economic buildings that could go up fast and stand for years.

Recently, with the increase in popularity of several modernist designs, the international style has been making its way onto the luxury real estate scene. Glass, iron, steel, and concrete are popular materials for an international-style building. In Dubai Hills, these design elements can be seen in stucco homes with large windows that bring in light. Angular designs and functionality define these stunning properties.


When the expressionist movement emerged in the early 20th century, it encompassed all creative forms. Poetry, art, and even architecture took on the unique merits of the expressionist style. Today, expressionist homes can be seen in Dubai Hills with their stunning intricacies and beautifully crafted facades. Expressionism is all about expressing complex emotions through distorted forms. Oftentimes each designer takes on their own distinct style.

Expressionist homes are masterfully designed to be unique and often contain artisan details that make the house one-of-a-kind. They usually favor a more gothic architectural style that refers to natural formations such as mountains, rocks, and caves. In Dubai, the expressionist architecture uses colors and textures that blend the property into the area’s desert climate. Brick tones and stucco facades allow builders to sculpt the home's exterior to their master vision.

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